3 ways to enhance your wedding day

3 ways to enhance your wedding day and your wedding photos

As we’re heading into another very busy wedding season we wanted to post another blog about ways to enhance your day photographically and emotionally.  From the photographer’s point of view we see so many ways a couple and their families can add to their wedding day without the additional expense or stress.  This may not be for every couple as you have to consider your connections and emotions, but some of these options are definitely worth exploring.  These little moments help to create new memories and hopefully extra emotion.  They also allow you take a breath between all the wedding day preparation and slow down the pace of the day.  For many couples these little moments create appreciation for each other and the special day of your new life together.  Finally if you’re not comfortable with your photos being taken or being posed then these little extra moments let you forget about the camera as there is no need for posing or staging anything.

1. The First Look

One of our favorite parts of the weddings are the reveals.  We just love to quietly witness and capture the couple seeing each other for the first time that day and truly appreciate each other.  Most couples prefer to have an intimate first look without their families and friends present.  When asked after the reveal most couples preferred not having the pressure of having everyone witness their intimate exchange.  It really allows the couple to feel and show their true feelings for each other.  If you’s like to see a whole article on doing the reveal please read our blog on the first look.

Brampton wedding emotional first look
emotional first look wedding
first look wedding ideas Jewish wedding
the first look on a wedding day with family present
bride and groom's reaction to each other at reveal

2. Exchanging Gifts and letters

If you really don’t want to see each other prior to exchanging your vows then why not at least consider exchanging what we like to call “love notes”.  What you put in them is obviously completely up to you, but try to think of all the reasons you fell in love with the person, what makes them your best friend, and what you’re looking forward to years to come.  Think of anything that will evoke emotion.  We will be there to very discretely record your love’s reaction to thinking about you just before you meet to exchange your vows.  And while you’re at it, surprise them with a special gift they completely don’t expect.

emotional groom opening a gift

letter from bride to groom
bride and groom exchanging gifts on their wedding day
groom opening card and gift from bride
card and gift from the groom make the bride emotional


3. The First Look with the parents

There are so many times during the wedding day that I’m happy I have a camera in front of my face to hide my tears.  How can you not get all emotional when you witness a mother or a father seeing their little girl dressed as a bride for the first time.  When you see the proud parents of the groom thinking of the man he’s become.  Wedding days tend to bring the time to reflect on those moments if only for brief few minutes.  I can just feel all their emotions as they probably recall the first time they brought their child home, all the years of bringing them up to being beautiful adults they have become.  They probably feel the mixed emotions of happiness that their child has found someone worthy of loving who loves them back and the emotion of sadness of their child leaving their home and creating a new family.

emotional parents first look
emotional parents of the bride see their baby girl ready for her wedding
emotional grandmother giving her granddaughter a gift from the grandfather who passed away
lots of emotions witnessing a tender moment between bride and grandmother

If you know of any other little things that can help enhance the day, feel free to share them in the comment section below.  If you’re one of our couples please let us know how any of these enhanced your day or what you would have changed.