Collingwood engagement photos – Grace and Will

Collingwood engagement photos of Grace and Will with Blue Mountain as a backdrop.

Grace and Will decided to take their Collingwood engagement photos on gorgeous long weekend around Blue Mountain area.  We started at the Village in Blue Mountain with a more formal session and traditional photos.  The wonderful staff at Twist Martini & Wine Lounge allowed us to use their beautiful patio and intimate bar for a few photos as well.  On our way to the session Paul and I spotted a gorgeous hay field where we just had to stop on our way back.  The the beautiful yellow tones, dramatic sky, and the Blue Mountain / Escarpment backdrop made for stunning background for Grace and Will.  After our formal session we proceeded to Collingwood’s historic train station and Collingwood terminal on the shores of Georgian Bay.  With the night sky setting fast we went for very different feel to most of the engagement pictures.  We also had to incorporate the guitar since Will loves to serenade Grace.  Music seems to be a big part of their story especially with the Massey Hall proposal.  For a fun ending we also included some light painting.  We had such a great time and we loved every minute of this session.  Their wedding day will be pretty spectacular and it’s coming very soon.  We can’t wait.

Grace and Will Blue Mountain engagement photos.jpgold car engagement photo.jpgtraditional engagement photos.jpgtwist martini lounge engagement.jpgcandid engagement photos.jpghay field engagement photos.jpgengagement photos in a filed in Collingwood.jpgromantic photos by train station.jpgCollingwood photographer.jpgnight time photos.jpgCollingwood terminal and Marina engagement session.jpgnight time engagement photography.jpg