Mississauga Convention Centre wedding album of Joana and Fil’s wedding

8×12 Wedding album and 2 parent books of Joana and Fil’s Mississauga Convention Centre Wedding

As we deliver all our wedding albums we always like to post photos of the actual albums and parent books to showcase the products we offer to our clients.   Joana and Fil’s Mississauga Convention Centre wedding was showcased in a 8×12 vertical wedding album with a hardback image cover.  The design was printed on thin pages of photographic paper .  Their package also included 2 copies of 6×8 parent books.  The couple decided to include extra pages and extra photos to truly represent the feel of their day.  We only wished we could include more of their photos.  You can also view a full post of their University of Toronto wedding photos.  We have also photographed Joana and Fil’s Mississauga Port Credit Engagement session.

beautiful wedding album with parent albums.jpglay flat wedding album with parent books.jpgelegant wedding album design Joana and Fil wedding photos.jpgJoana and Fil portuguese wedding album.jpglay flat wedding book.jpgUniversity of Toronto wedding photos album.jpg

Wedding Album design

Below is a design featuring Joana and Fil’s wedding day in a story like fashion.

Hardback image cover of wedding album.jpgPages-0102 bride getting ready.jpgPages-0304 groom getting ready.jpgPages-0506 candid elegant photos of a wedding.jpgPages-0708 portraits of groom.jpgPages-0910 portraits of the bride.jpgPages-1112 family photos.jpgPages-1314 family photography.jpgPages-1516 Christ the King Church wedding.jpgPages-1718 Christ the King Church wedding.jpgPages-1920 Univerity of Toronto wedding photos.jpgPages-2122 U of T wedding pictures.jpgPages-2324Elegant wedding photos.jpgPages-2526 UofT wedding.jpgPages-2728 Toronto wedding.jpgPages-2930candid wedding photos.jpgPages-3132 family portraits.jpgPages-3334 Mississauga Convention Centre wedding.jpgPages-3536 MCC wedding.jpgPages-3738 fun wedding photos at MCC.jpgPages-3940 Portuguese wedding at Mississauga Convention Centre.jpgPages-4142 Mississauga Portuguese wedding.jpg