Wedding Photos

Our artistic approach to wedding photography and being able to adapt to any styles needed is something we pride ourselves on.  Throughout the whole day we incorporate a mix of photo-journalistic/documentary style capturing those special moments in a unique and artistic way as they happen, traditional portraiture for those traditional family wall displays that other family members might be interested in, as well as classic and elegant photos.  We also always consider our style of shooting to match magazine style spreads as we like to submit our weddings for publication in wedding magazines.  For the couples that are a little more daring and are a bit more comfortable and enjoy being in front of the camera, we also include a bit of a fashion/editorial style of photography to get the very different look that our clients love.  We achieve all this while making you feel very comfortable.  We try to learn as much about you and create a great relationship before your wedding day to be able to put you at ease and get the best images.  Some of our packages also include engagement sessions not only to allow you to have a fabulous photo session that you probably wouldn’t have done otherwise, but also to create a greater relationship with each other prior to your wedding day and therefore giving us the ability to give you even better wedding photos. Please click on the photo to enlarge it and to view the full story of a wedding day as it was photographed please visit our blog at Wedding photography section.


Paul and Sylvia wedding photography-2.jpgbride and groom in winter.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-17.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-26.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-11.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-23.jpgWedding Essentials grommsmen at Jamaica wedding - Kristen and Luis - Paul and Sylvia Photography and Design.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-22.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-25.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-5.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-12.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-13.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-6.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-16.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-18.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-9.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-20.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-21.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-24.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-4.jpgPaul and Sylvia wedding photography-8.jpgBeautiful bride angelic .jpgBride with umbrella Wedding photographer of Mississauga wedding.jpgBride with blowing veil in Oakville wedding photography.jpgValencienne and Elsa Corsi in wedding bride photo.jpgcandid wedding photos.jpgGran Bahia Principe Jamaica wedding photography.jpgtrash the dress fashion session at Gran Bahia Principe wedding photos.jpgLiberty Village photography.jpgLiberty Village wedding photography Toronto.jpg