Wedding Photography – What to expect…

Wedding photography – So what should you expect from your experience with us?

Our Style:  We find that it’s almost impossible to assign just one style of shooting on a wedding day. Throughout the wedding day we apply our artistic approach to photography.  We incorporate a mix of photo journalistic/documentary style while capturing any special moments in a unique and artistic way as they happen without orchestrating events, traditional portraiture for those traditional family wall displays that other family members might be interested in, as well as classic, timeless and elegant photography.  At some point of the wedding day we always like to incorporate a bit of our fashion/editorial style.  We like to submit our weddings for publication to wedding magazines and wedding blogs and therefore always make sure that our style also matches the magazine look. The bottom line is that every wedding is unique for us just like the couple as we find ourselves showcasing your personalities and all the emotion of the day. We achieve all this while making our clients and their families feel very comfortable.  We try to learn as much about the couple and create a great relationship before their wedding day to be able to put you at ease and get the best images.

bride signing to groom and groom crying first dance classic bride and groom black and white Toronto Trump Hotel wedding photos Toronto Trump Tower Wedding Photos with Teja and Josh

Engagement Sessions: We offer engagement sessions in some packages not only to allow our clients to have a fabulous photo session that they probably wouldn’t have done otherwise, but also to achieve a different comfort level with each other.  We find that because of the engagement session our couples feel as though they’re being photographed by a friend on their wedding day as opposed to a stranger.

fashion engagment shoot Muskoka engagement photos in canoe

In preparation for your wedding we will do our research on your special customs, practices, and beliefs. Being world travelers, we love to learn about different cultures. We don’t want to miss anything and we always want to be respectful and professional. Therefore we will want to meet with you or any other family members who are willing to let us in on what will be happening. About a 2 months before your wedding we will also ask you to fill out a form with all the information we will need for the day.

On your wedding day we come well prepared, with extra backup, and a great attitude.

While you’re hopefully away on your honeymoon we’ll post some of your images on Facebook and tag you in them for everybody you know to see. Then hopefully in less than 2 weeks we should have a short synopsis of your day on our blog so you can share it with your family and friends. We will write about how much fun we had, who you chose to work with you (vendors), and anything else we can think of.

Soon after you come back from your honeymoon (within 60 days ) we will deliver your proof book and photos.  Now that you have images to choose from we can start designing your Thank You Cards (optional) and work on your Italian Fine Art Wedding Book (which you hopefully chose as it’s impossible to resist once you hold one in your hands). Then comes our favourite part: Watching your faces as you look through your Wedding Album handcrafted just for you in Italy. WE LOVE IT and you will too.

Finally, why not add to the WOW factor of your Wedding Book? After all, it is the same Fine Art Wedding Book that top celebrities in the world have in their homes. (That’s right. We use the same company as the photographer’s to the stars. We look for quality, unique, elegant products and pass them onto you) If you really want to add a WOW factor to your home and an amazing conversation piece, then add one of our 40″x60″ metal prints to display on your wall or a cluster of metal, canvas, or acrylic prints .